Patient Quotes
“Osteoarthritis has been part of my life for more years than I care to remember. I reached the point where I could not long do many activities I once enjoyed. After steroid injections, two surgeries, two epidurals, and four months of chiropractic, I began acupuncture treatments with JB. Following the initial treatment I began getting relief and now I no longer feel any need to take Advil, Tylenol or vicodin (I used to take those drugs two or three times each day). I am back to enjoying gardening, shopping, and fun times with family and friends. There is absolutely no doubt that JB and acupuncture has given me the quality of life I was looking for.”
—Cynthia G, RN, Livermore, CA

“I was seen by you last year in 2008 when I was in so much back pain. After 2 sessions with you my pain was relieved. My anxiety, because of all the pain meds I was on, was also relieved through acuputure. I eventually had back surgery and am at about 85%-90% better. Thanks for your help in my hours of need. I really did not know what I would have done without the pain relief.”
—D. R., Pleasanton, CA

“As an exercise instructor, I need to be in great physical condition. However, when I encountered a bout with carpal tunnel syndrome, my way of life was hindered. I tried everything that my personal physician recommended....a wrist brace, painkillers, and physical therapy. After two months without relief, I was certain that traditional medicine wasn’t helping me to feel any better. That is when I decided to try a Tui Nai session with JB Baranzini. After only two appointments, I was pain-free and back to my regular routine. I was amazed with the results. I only wish that I had gone earlier. I will definitely be referring my friends and family to JB for treatment and relief of their pains and injuries. ”
—Kim C., Livermore, CA

“After my laminectomy surgery (3 level anterior fusion for cervical myelopathy), my doctor said I would likely feel a ”lump” in my throat and have frequent trouble swallowing for the rest of my life. After receiving acupuncture treatment from JB, my swallowing difficulties disappeared and have not returned. “
—Joan S., Chico, Ca

”Thank you for prescribing the herb formula. As a competitive age group runner, I am continually in a cycle of recovering from one workout in order to get ready for the next workout. I have noticed that when I’m taking the herbal formula it helps this recovery process, which helps me make the improvements I’m looking for.”
—Jim S., Portland, OR, Masters Track & Field All-American

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